Photoshoot Terms + Conditions


  1. MCJukes Photography retains copyright on all images unless otherwise discussed
  2. Images must NOT be altered or edited in any manner
  3. Photoshoots are sold for PERSONAL USE ONLY and are NOT to be used for commercial purposes unless otherwise discussed


  1. Payments can be made via bank deposit, credit card, cash or a combination of
  2. A deposit (20% of shoot price) or full payment must be made prior to your shoot to secure your spot

Client Responsibilities

  1. Clients will organise, provide and have required consent applicable to their chosen venue
  2. Clients must present themselves and all participating parties, including humans and pets, in a manner they wish to be displayed in the photographs
  3. Clients has viewed the work of MCJukes Photography and has reasonable expectations for work to be presented in a similar style
  4. Clients must be prepared for their session, a late start will not mean an extended session time

Photographer Responsibilities

  1. The client will not be required to supply any photography equipment to Photographer
  2. The Photographer will provide an online consultation
  3. The photographer will arrive a minimum of five (5) minutes early to a session to set up
  4. The photographer will use reasonable efforts to ensure that the services are produced in a style consistent with photographer’s current portfolio

Cancellations and Refunds

  1. MCJukes Photography requires 48hrs notice to cancel a shoot and obtain a refund
  2. If the shoot is cancelled within the 48hr period refunds will only be given under exceptional circumstances
  3. MCJukes Photography understands that horses are unpredictable and shoots can be rescheduled at anytime (unless MCJukes has already departed for your destination) without a fee

Additional Terms for Photoshoot Gift Certificates and Vouchers

  1. Vouchers won at events

A) Can be used on any MCJukes product unless otherwise specified

B) Are valid for one (1) year from the vent unless otherwise specified

C) Cannot be exchanged for cash or refunded

D) Percent (%) discounts have a limitation of one (1) use

E) Vouchers with a dollar value may be used over multiple transactions until completely used

  1. Gift Certificates as presents

A) Gift certificates with a set dollar value may be used on any MCJukes Product

B) Gift certificates with a set intention may only be used on that product

C) Gift certificates Cannot be exchanged for cash

D) Gift certificates may be refunded only;

i) Within two weeks of purchase to the original buyer

ii) Under exceptional circumstances within the first year of purchase

E) Gift certificates may be regifted to another person

F) Gift certificates do not have a expiry date unless specified

All Terms and Conditions are in accordance with the Copyright Act 1968 and guidelines set by the ACCC (The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission)